Honors Contracts

Download and print the pdf_icon_smHonors Contract Form for each class you wish to contract.

Honors Contract Forms must be completed and approved  in full during the semester before the course will be taken.

What is an Honors Contract, and who can propose it? 

If you are an active member of the Honors Program, have taken all your Gen Ed courses, and just cannot find an Honors class you need to fulfill your requirements for the semester, the Honors Contract might turn your problem into an opportunity.

An Honors Contract allows an Honors student to turn a regular class into an Honors experience. The Honors portion of the class (which may be a project, paper, presentation, or combination) should be individually tailored to your interests.  Make an appointment with the professor the semester before the class is taught to ask if they are willing to do an Honors Contract with you, and come prepared with some possible ideas for what you'd like to do.  (Bring a copy of this information and the form with you.)

First-semester freshmen cannot undertake Honors Contracts.

If you would like help planning for your proposal, please make an appointment with Dr. Barnes.

After completing the contract form with your professor, turn it in to the Honors Office for director approval well in advance so that any questions or concerns can be resolved. 

If the project is approved, the student's name will be removed from the class roll of the non-Honors course and a special Honors section will be created with only the student's name in it. Students should ensure that they are enrolled in the proper course section (e.g., 800, 801, etc.) on Eagle Online.

Important: Before the last day of classes, the student must turn into the Honors office a graded copy or summary of results for the Honors Contract work, together with any evaluative comments by the professor. This documentation will then become part of the student's Honors portfolio.