Fine Arts Committee


This committee is an umbrella organization for activities in the fine arts, including visual arts, dance, creative writing, drama, and music.

Chair Requirements

Committee History

The Fine Arts Committee actually began as the Drama Committee near the end of the Fall 1999 semester at the home of Dr. Rita Barnes. Helen Donnell and Shawn Trivette had the idea to do a performance of "Phantom of the Opera" that spring.

This did not happen.

After trying to acquire rights and getting no response, the group that had formed around this idea attempted to get rights to another musical. The price was significantly out of their range and in the end Ryan Vogel, Matt Couch, and Shawn Trivette co-wrote the script for "The Haunting of Derryberry Hall."  With no budget and a small cast, our intrepid band of actors completed their first official performance with a total of about forty patrons in attendance.

That fall the leadership of the group fell to Shawn Trivette and Ryan Vogel. With a large group of enthusiastic freshmen and most of the cast from Haunting, the Drama Committee (renamed to the Drama Troupe halfway through the semester) wrote and performed "The Year of the Potato: An Evening of Comedy,"  a collection of comedy skits written entirely by the actors.

In Spring of 2001 the Drama Troupe, working to become part of the newly forming Fine Arts Committee, ran several projects. A film, "The Dominatrix" (a spoof of "The Matrix"),  was completed. The first full stage production was "The Et Cetera Performance," a combination of improv, reader's theater, dramatic interpretation, and even a dance number. The second production was "Beth: A Nightmare," a remake of Shakespeare's  "MacBeth."  Beth had the largest turnout to date, with over 100 patrons for the four-night run. The Drama Troupe's final performance of the semester was "Noah and Joan of Ark," performed with the TTU Madrigal Singers in their First Annual Madrigal Feaste.

Video tapes of all performances are archived in the Honors Office.