First-Year Students

A community of scholars

Tech Honors students mention one quality above all else that makes them love this program: community.  It's an extended community--not an elite group--comprised of people from all majors, students and faculty alike, who enjoy learning from each other, working as a team, doing service, asking questions, planning new projects, re-fueling regularly, and above all, supporting each other. 

Our graduating seniors often reflect on the amazing range of friendships they developed in Honors, and how much they appreciated getting to know others so different from themselves.  So while you will undoubtedly meet people in Honors who share your interests (sometimes interests you never knew anyone had but you!), it's unlikely you'll go through your four years in Honors without the delightful experience of making unlikely friendships, too.

Ways to get started

Over the next few months, we'll be posting more tips and resources for getting informed and involved as you plan for your first year in Honors.  As a first step, you can browse our website and see what we need to add.  (It's a work in progress, so be patient!)