Campus Activity Suggestions

Throughout the semester, there are MANY, MANY campus activities and events, and Honors activities, that you can attend for HPEO campus activity credit.
You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to finish these 20 hours as soon as possible.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started (and maybe finished!) with this:


Here is a complete list of TTU Welcome Week Activities, sponsored by TTU and various campus organizations and groups. Many, but not all, of these activities may be counted towards HPEO campus activities.  HERE is a list of Welcome Week activities which can count towards HPEO campus activities.
Watch for notices and announcements of Welcome Week activities sponsored by ASG, the Honors student organization. The ASG-sponsored activities can also count for HPEO campus activity credit.
Don't forget to take a PURPLE FORM with you to each activity you attend: fill it out and get it signed by someone organizing or running the activity.

TTU Music Department CONCERTS and RECITALS

Check out this list of CONCERTS and RECITALS sponsored by the Department of Music and Art.
All concerts are held in Wattenbarger Auditorium in the Bryan Fine Arts Building, unless otherwise stated.
Most concerts are free.  Please exercise appropriate etiquette and behavior when attending concerts and recitals.

Obtain a printed concert program before the concert. At the end of the concert, have the usher stamp the program. Use this stamped program, along with a PURPLE FORM, as your proof of attendance.

Center Stage Concerts, Presentations, and Activities

Center Stage is funded by student activity fees and presents world-class lectures, artists, concerts, lectures, and other activities free of charge.
Check out the Center Stage Schedule for Fall 2013.

TTU WOMEN'S CENTER Events and Activities

Here is a Calendar of Upcoming Events.

TTU Counseling Center WORKSHOPS

Watch this page for a listing of workshops offered by the TTU Counseling Center during the semester, or call the Counseling Center for workshop information.
These workshops are open to all students, and cover many interesting and useful topics.
These workshops are offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 11:00-11:50 am (referred to as "dead hour," since no classes are scheduled during those times).

Ask the workshop presenter to sign your PURPLE FORM at the conclusion of the workshop.

TTU Home Football Games

You can get HPEO credit for attending ONE varsity sporting event per semester.
The six home football games of the season are:

For varsity football games, a signature is NOT required on the PURPLE FORM. Just describe the game briefly, so we know that you attended. Or, get creative and have your picture taken with game as a background.


TTU Backdoor Playhouse Productions:
Here is a listing of upcoming productions at the theatre.

Community Cinema at the Backdoor Playhouse

Activities and events sponsored by the Honors Program:

Watch your email for announcements of upcoming events.