Intramurals Information


ASG holds sportsmanship in very high regards, and REQUIRES a positive attitude from all participants at all times. We encourage our teammates, regardless of skill, and congratulate our opponents, regardless of the outcomes. We respect the referees and the rules set out by the officials, and actin a professional manner to resolve any disputes. We never throw away a game, no matter how bad we're losing. Wesmile after the game, we shake hands with everyone, and we leave the field tired and happy.


ASG wears royal blue shirts. Official ASG jerseys are available from the committee chair(s), but not required. Dark or light blues are acceptable, but royal blue is encouraged. Shorts, shoes, hats, etc. can be any color and creativity is encouraged!


ASG plays everyone equally. We don't overuse more skilled players, nor do we neglect newer players. We encourage new, unskilled players to learn the game by playing with the ASG, and encourage them in their growth. We also encourage very skilled players to play well, and to enjoy doing it.


ASG arrives and competes in a timely manner out of respect for our opponents and for the intramurals program. We arrive about 15 minutes before the start of each match to warm up, meet teammates, and organize ourselves.


ASG requires that all members act in a professional mannerwhen dealing with unfair circumstances. Team captains settle disputes with the referees, and members do not interfere unless asked. We NEVER intentionally commit fouls against another player or team, and do not use foul language even if provoked.


ASG Intramurals Committee offers HPEO committee credit for meeting the following set of guidelines:


If you want information about opponents, game times, season dates, sport information, etc. contact the Intramurals Department. Info can be found here.