Leadership Extravaganza

The Leadership Extravaganza:  Training Leaders for the Future

In 2005, Honors student Jennifer Cloud and Dr. Rita Barnes collaborated with a committee of student leaders to develop a training program for all current and prospective ASG committee chairs.  In addition to teaching the nuts and bolts of reserving a room and working within budget, the Leadership Extravaganza covers elements of leadership such as teamwork, creative problem-solving, running a business meeting, and conflict resolution.  This event is held at the beginning of each semester and is planned to accommodate the current training needs of new and returning chairs.

In Fall 2010, the Leadership Extravaganza took a new turn by asking participants to directly apply the skills they were learning to a group planning session for a major all-Honors event.  All committees collaborated on the Fall Picnic, successfully improving the variety of food, activities, and participation.  The Spring 2011 collaborative project is the Spring Charity Ball, the proceeds for which will benefit Save Cummins Falls.

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