Research and Finding a Mentor


Resources for developing a faculty mentor relationship:

GSIR: The "Getting Started in Research" Module

Honors Handbook, Chapter 11: "Getting Started With Undergraduate Research"

For a brainstorming session about how to begin this process: send Dr. Barnes three possible appointment times.

Resources for current undergraduate research:

URECA! The TTU Undergraduate Research Program  Grants for undergraduate research in collaboration with faculty.

Udall Scholarship  Highly competitive national research award for environmental studies in all fields, tribal public policy research, or Native American health care.

Goldwater Scholarship  For undergraduate researchers in science, math, and engineering.  Highly competitive on a national level.

Truman Scholarship  "Change agents" committed to a career in public policy areas may consider this extremely competitive application.

Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad  For Pell Grant-eligible students accepted to academic programs abroad.

National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)  Provides opportunities to spend approximately ten weeks as part of NSF-funded research projects at universities around the country.   

Please make an appointment with Dr. Barnes if you would like to discuss a competitive scholarship after you have consulted the linked information.  Plan to begin your process at least one year in advance for the national-level programs.