Honors Permits

Waiting to see if you received a permit? 

Please be patient and check your e-mail, as the volume of walk-in traffic slows down the process of issuing permits.

Tip: Register for the regular section as a back-up measure.  If you requested only one course, please come in and rank some courses on the preference sheet, or consider an Honors Contract. (See "Classes" on the menu to the left, then scroll down and click on "Honors Contracts.")

Honors course permit requests usually begin on the first day of advisement for current Honors students. (Seniors who are on track for graduation in cursu honorum receive priority).  Permit requests may be made in person only and are reserved for Honors students.

What's an Honors Permit?

In order to ensure that Honors classes are available to as many eligible students as possible, we use an electronic permit process. 

Signing up to request a permit is a little like looking for a concert ticket: 

You're not yet guaranteed to get in.  But it's also a bit more fair: we  prioritize full members who need the class for their Honors graduation, and who have been making regular progress toward graduating in cursu.  This helps everyone keep on track.

How do you know if your permit request is issued?

The office staff will be busily at work processing requests, and will send you an e-mail when an electronic permit is ready for you to accept via your Eagle Online registration (on the Add/Drop screen).   Please refrain from calling and stopping by to ask if a permit has been issued during this very work-intensive process, as it will slow down the work of getting your permit to you.