Unit Options for Upperclassmen


Unit 1 -- Campus and Community Service

  • Serve as a Big Sib. (A year-long commitment: attend spring and fall retreats; maintain contact with Little Sibs according to program requirements.) Service as a Big Sib can be claimed for HPEO for both fall and spring semesters.
    • Requirements: Enrollment/active participation in Big Sib program for current academic year.
    • Evaluation: File report of contacts with Little Sibs. Obtain verification of completion from Big Sib chair.
  • Serve as a Peer Mentor for HON1010. 
    • Requirements:  Submit application to Dr. Barnes; perform all assigned duties related to your assigned HON 1010 section.
    • Evaluation:  Peer mentor coordinator verifies successful completion of duties at the end of the fall semester.
  • Complete 20 hours of community service, approved by the director of the University Service Center.
    • Requirements: Meet with the staff in the University Service Center, and arrange for a placement with a community agency through that office. Community service MUST be coordinated through the University Service Center. Designate Michelle Huddleston as the supervisor for the community service unit.
    • Evaluation: Verification of completed community service by staff of the University Service Center. . Written statement must be submitted at the end of the semester, describing your community service experience
    • Consult the HPEO Community Service Page for complete instructions and procedures for community service.  ESSENTIAL READING!.
  • Provide 20 hours of service for a person, office or facility on campus.
    • Requirements: Make prior arrangement with a campus office, facility, or faculty member.
    • Evaluation: Keep track of hours worked. Obtain verification of completion from supervisor.
    • This option is different than performing scholarly or academic research with a professor.

Unit 2 -- Scholarly and Professional Development

  • Collaborate in scholarly/professional activity supervised by a professor in your major.
    • This is more than merely performing routine service or office tasks for a professor. It may or may not be part of a long-term research endeavor or project with that professor.
    • Requirements: Make prior arrangements for a scholarly project with a professor in your major. The project must be approved in advance by the participating faculty member.
    • Evaluation: Professor submits verification of completion. Student writes a summary paragraph describing the project.

  • Give a presentation at an Honors conference or other academic conference.
    • Requirements: Discuss presentation idea with Honors Director. Fulfill all requirements for presentation.
    • Evaluation: Successful presentation at conference. Verification by Honors Director of appropriate faculty.
  • Participate in "Getting Started in Research" (GSIR) Program
    • Assists you in choosing a faculty research mentor and walks you through the steps necessary to set up a scholarly research project with a faculty mentor.  Consists of one introductory seminar session and additional independent activities throughout the semester.
    • Requirements:  Desire to get started in undergraduate research. 
    • Evaluation:  Completion of all required and assigned activities and verification of completion by Dr. Barnes or Mr. Clark.
  • Other extracurricular academic project in your major field (prior approval required).
    • Requirements: Make prior arrangements and obtain appropriate faculty/supervisor approval.
    • Evaluation: Professor submits verification of completion. Student writes a summary paragraph describing the project.

Unit 3 -- Communication / Leadership / Teamwork

  • Chair an ASG Committee.
    • Requirements: Appointment to chair position by the ASG Steering Committee.
    • Evaluation: Verification of service from Steering Committee Chair or Committee Liaison.
  • Participate in TWO ASG Committees.
    • Requirements: Sign up for the committees. Participate as prescribed by the committee chairs.
    • Evaluation: Verification of completion of service by committee chair.
    • If you do not hear from the committee chairs within a week, please contact the committee chairs by email, or contact Mr. Clark.
      Here is a List of ASG Committee Chairs and Email Info.
  • Coordinate a special project under the supervision of the Honors Office (by special arrangement only.)
    • e.g. student coordinator for Honors Housing, special event coordinator, etc.
    • Requirements: Consultation and agreement in advance with appropriate Honors director/staff.
    • Evaluation: Submit a summary statement about the project. Verification by Honors staff.
  • Serve as an officer for a chartered campus organization.
    • serve in an elected or officially-appointed leadership capacity in a chartered campus student organization.
    • Requirements: attend at least 20 hours of events, meetings, functions, etc., of the organization in your leadership role.
    • Evaluation: Submit a list showing each event or function, along with number of hours for each event.  Write a summary paragraph summarizing your service for the semester.
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