Underrepresented Groups (URG) Committee

This committee's mission is to engage ASG members and others in learning more about and supporting issues related to groups underrepresented in the Tech community.  The Chair of the Underrepresented Groups Committee (URG) may focus the year's efforts on a particular region, social group, or theme.  Past chairs have focused on educating the community about the Rwandan conflict, on women's issues, on African-American concerns on the Tech campus, and on the experiences of Chinese students.


  • Susannah Shissler
  • Albert Painter

Chair Requirements

  • Assign members to stay apprised of events sponsored to pertinent campus groups such as the Chinese Student Organization, the Nontraditional Students Organization, the Black Cultural Center, the Women's Center, the Indian Student Organization, the International Student Organization, Lambda, the Office of Disability Services, and the Student Human Rights Club.
  • Notify the ASG membership by email of special events, such as Black History Month and Women's History Month events.
  • Work with other ASG committees and underrepresented groups to co-sponsor events, such as fora, workshops, and projects.
  • Assist in developing or writing articles on relevant issues as appropriate for Fresh! and Honorable Mention.
  • Work with the Publicity Committee and Steering Committee to publicize URG-sponsored events.
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