Payroll FAQs


Q: When is payday?

Q: Where do I pick up my check?

  1. From the TTU home page, click "Faculty and Staff"
  2. Under electronic resources, click "Eagle Online (Banner INB/SSB)"
  3. Click "Login to Banner SSB" from the Banner Self-Service tab.
  4. In Web for Employees, your employee ID is your social security number
  5. In Banner Self-Service, your User ID is your assigned T-number (Ex: T12345678)
  6. Upon first login, your PIN is your six digit date of birth. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, call the IT Help Desk at ext. 3388 and ask for your PIN to be reset.
  7. Click "Log In"
  8. Select the information you want to review and follow the instructions associated with that page.

Direct Deposit

Q: How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Q: How do I change my direct deposit information?

You may print a direct deposit form, complete it and mail it to the HR office. You can also come to the office to complete the form instead of mailing it. A voided check should also be provided.

Payroll Changes/Deadlines

Q: How do I change my federal income tax withholding amount?

Complete a Form W-4, sign it and mail it to the HR office. If you prefer, you can come to the HR office and complete a new Form W-4 instead of mailing it in.

W-4 Form (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) (IRS site)

Q: What is the last day I can make changes to be effective next payday? (These are also the deadlines for departmental submission of payroll documents.)