Helpful Tips

Each semester, hundreds of TTU employees take advantage of our educational benefits via the PC 191, Staff Scholarship, Spouse/Dependent discount, or other forms of TTU Educational Benefits. We want to ensure a smooth process for our employees and hope these tips will serve as an information tool full of helpful details associated with the use of your educational benefits.

  • Submit all forms for processing at least two weeks before fee payment is expected to be credited to your student account. Forms submitted after the two-week deadline will be processed as quickly as possible in the order they are received, but there is no guarantee that they can be processed before fee payment deadlines.
  • Be sure that all signatures are obtained before submitting forms to HR for processing.
  • All discount forms are available via the HR website here. Most can be typed in via computer for your convenience.
  • Instructions for each form, text of policies and procedures, and a brief summary of educational benefits are available via the HR website here.
  • If your forms are to be used at another TBR or UT system institution, please check their deadlines, as they may differ from ours.
  • Educational discount forms can be submitted as early as you wish! If it is convenient for you, you may submit your Fall semester forms along with your Summer semester forms.
  • Forms submitted for processing with under two weeks processing time are not guaranteed to be processed before your fee payment is due. In these instances, you may be required to pay out of pocket to hold your courses, then receive reimbursement once your forms have been processed.
  • If you wait and register at regular registration and your educational benefits forms have NOT been processed, you must pay your fees and/or confirm enrollment that day or be assessed a $100 late fee which is not covered by your educational benefits. [If fees have been paid; you must still confirm enrollment.]
  • Always remember to confirm your enrollment -- even if you have full payment with the use of educational benefits.


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