Pavilion Rental Information

                          HYDER-BURKS AGRICULTURAL PAVILION 




                                           Rental Fees

           AREA                                                                                                                             FEE RATE



1.  Show Arena


     a.  Agricultural Events                                                                          $   600/day


     b.  Non-Agricultural Events                                                                  $1,200/day


2.  Meeting Rooms


     a.  Multipurpose Room                                                                        $    200/day


     b.  Classroom                                                                                      $      50/day


3.  Sales Arena                                                                                         $    250/day


4.  Livestock Barn                   


     a.  Horse Stalls                                                                              **  $ 10/day/stall


     b.  Cattle, sheep hogs, goat's etc….                                                      $ 2/day/head


     c.  Non-livestock events and events

          using entire barn                                                                               $   400/day


     d.  Livestock bedding material                                                              Market Price


5.  Trailer Hook-ups                                                                                 $      15/day


**Fee includes set-up, clean-up charges.

     Bedding may be purchased for $5.00 per bale.


Set-up and take-down fees will be actual cost based on labor hourly rate of $8.00 per hour.

NOTE:  A $200.00 deposit must be received at time of scheduling events