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4-H Clover Bowl - Putnam County

Hyder Burks Ag Pavilion

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Saturday, May 11, 2013, 08:00am

Submitted by Trenda Eldridge
Contact Phone/Email 931-526-4561

School bowls will be scheduled in late April and early May. Each club may have two teams of 3-4 in the school contest. Each school will send the winning team per grade to the county contest. The winning team in each grade at the county contest will advance to the Central Region Clover Bowl in Cookeville on May 17, 2013.
Test Your Knowledge
Test your knowledge by answering the following questions, which represent a sample of what students across the county studied for the Clover Bowl. Check your answers.
1. How many U.S. Presidents were born in Tennessee?
2. In what city is the National 4-H Center located?
3. What Nashville weather man was a 4-H member from Dyer County?
4. What does a Hognose Snake do when it is threatened?
5. What is the official commercial fish of Tennessee?
6. What is the state beverage?
7. A male sheep of any age is called a what?
8. Which boat has the right of way ... a motor boat or a sail boat?
9. What is the unit by which food energy is measured?
10. What Tennessean is known as the "Hero of King's Mountain?"

Location Sale Arena


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