How to change your TTU account password


Information Security Office (ISO)


I. Preparation of multiple devices

If you do not have any Apple or Android devices (smartphones or tablets) checking your TTU email, please skip to the next section.

1.            Have all your devices (smartphones and tablets) readily available.

2.            Put your devices in airplane mode if possible. If you cannot do this, then power them down.  Failure to do this step will result in your account being locked. 

3.            Change your TTU password by following the directions below in Section II below.  Once your TTU/Email password has been changed, please wait five minutes to allow the new password to be replicated throughout the TTU system. After the five minutes has passed, please continue.

4.            If your devices are in airplane mode, change the password for your email account on each device.

For assistance changing the password for your iPhone or iPad, see:

For assistance changing the password for Android devices, see:

5.            After the password on the device has been changed, turn off airplane mode. Your device should connect and update your email.

6.            If your devices are powered off, turn one device on, update the password using the directions located in Section II below. Verify the device is connecting to your email account correctly before turning the next device on and continuing with step 5.


II. Changing your password

New security measures mean your password must conform to certain standards.  Your new password must be a minimum of eight characters long and must include:

 New passwords must not be the same as any of the previous eight(8) passwords

TTU Domain Machines – Windows 7 or Windows XP:

To change your password on your TTU domain machine (unsure about TTU domain membership? please contact your unit’s ITS representative), using Windows 7 or Windows XP:

1.            Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE

2.            Select "Change a password..."

3.            Your TTU username is already in the first field

4.            Enter your current password in the "Old password" field

5.            Enter the new password you would like to use in the "New password" field, making sure to meet the minimum requirements shown above

6.            Enter your new password again for verification in the "Confirm password" field

7.            Click the arrow pointing to the right 

TTU Domain Machines – Mac OS X:

To change your password on Apple MacOS:

1.            Log into your Mac

2.            From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences

3.            Choose Users & Groups or Accounts (10.6)

4.            Click the Change Password button

5.            Enter the old password if prompted, along with a new password in both the New password field and the Verify field

6.            Click the Reset password or the Change Password button


Non-Domain Machines:

To change your password on a machine not in the TTU domain, please visit:

For assistance with any of these steps, please contact your college’s or department’s ITS representative. 

(Please visit for contact information).