INSL Program Admission Process

M.A. (EDIL) Admission Requirements for the TTU Graduate School:

Ed.S. (ESIL) Admission Requirements for the TTU Graduate School:

Admission Process for TTU's initial license INSL Program

  1. A valid TN teaching license and three (3) years teaching experience required
  2. Successfully complete admission process for TTU Graduate School
  3. Receive notification from TTU Graduate School indicating full admission status and assignment of a T#
  4. Complete online Declaration of Intent for INSL Program
  5. Complete·online Request for Disposition Assessments for INSL Program (INSL candidates do not need to submit three letters of recommendation to the Graduate School)
  6. Receive notification from TTU INSL Program unit indicating status of Intent
  7. Schedule INSL Program Interview and prepare INSL Program Portfolio to bring to Interview

Portfolio contents: