One-day Workshop

  • Saturday, February 22nd
  • 9:00am to 4:00pm (lunch provided)
  • Location: Nursing Building, room 260

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This face-to-face workshop is based on Dee Fink’s book, “Creating Significant Learning Experiences.”(Jossey-Bass, 2013).

This experience is specifically intended to help faculty design or redesign their own courses. These learning experiences will show how the principles of Integrated Course Design can be used, but they will also provide information about tools and procedures that can be used to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of teaching.

What Will Be the “Take Away’s”?

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  1. See the significance of course design within the array of tasks involved in teaching
  2. Identify their own “Dreams” for student learning
  3. Introduce the overall model of Integrated Course Design
  4. Work on understanding and taking the initial steps toward applying the key components
  5. See what happens when these ideas are used effectively, by examining some actual case studies

Workshop Leader


STEWART ROSS is the founding Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Currently in his 36th year in higher education, he served as Director of Bands for 21 years and has presented over 50 workshops throughout the country on Integrated Course Design and other topics in higher education in just the past few years. He holds a Ph.D. in Music Education from Northwestern University.



Information about the course:

Integrated Course Design for Significant Learning for F2F Courses

There are many ways in which faculty can improve teaching and learning for themselves and their students. No area is more beneficial than creating significant learning experiences for students through an integrated course design. This interactive workshop was created for any discipline area, as participants are taken through a system of integrated course design that encourages the development of meaningful learning goals, active teaching strategies, and quality assessment--all integrated into a powerful course that can transform the classroom into an exciting laboratory of learning.

The workshop on integrated course design enables participants from all areas of higher education to reflect on the power of creating good courses; courses that are based on significant learning experiences in and out of the classroom. By focusing on learner goals, teaching activities and assessment of learning, participants develop a template they can use in creating their own course that integrates these three areas. Of particular value is Fink's Taxonomy of significant learning: foundational knowledge, application, integration, caring, human dimension and learning how to learn.

Participants in the workshop learn the basic foundational knowledge involved with course design including terms and concepts that are used in creating quality courses. They also begin to learn how to use this model of integrated course design through application exercises and problems. Throughout the workshop, ideas from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning are developed along with best practices used by participants.

As they identify the value of course design in improving teaching, participants realize what else they need to learn after the workshop to continue to develop the skills necessary to create courses that are integrated and lead to significant learning. The workshop is actually built around the same basic principals used to design a quality course in higher education.

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