Student Response System


Top Hat Monocle version 7.3 has just been released

Top Hat has taken steps that will greatly improve the stability and performance of the system. Multiple correct answers for multiple choice questions is a new feature.

Training and Support

Top Hat Monocle is staffed and ready to help with this transition offering the following services and discounts.

  • One-on-one online training for each instructor. Available now.
  • On-site training in your classroom
  • Assistance to convert question lists from other systems.

Nick Kenny
Academic Solutions Consultant
1-888-663-5491 ext. 110
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Top Hat Monocle produces a tool that allows students to interact with their professors through their own mobile devices. The intended goal is to improve student engagement in the classroom through the use of interactive learning.

Polls and Quizzes

  • No clickers to buy. Students can use their cell phones, laptops, smartphones, or iPods to participate in class.
  • Allows multiple choice, numerical, and word answer type questions, with real-time graphing.
  • Students can participate anonymously or for grades, based on instructor's settings.
  • Grades are tracked and tallied through the term, and can be exported to a spreadsheet anytime.

Interactive Demonstrations

  • Use demonstrations and simulations with embedded quizzes in class, or as homework assignments out of class
  • Access our library of hundreds of demonstrations for a wide range of subjects - including accounting, biology, robotics, political science and many others.
  • If you don't find what you need in our library we'll develop content specific to your course free of charge!

Open ended discussion

  • Manage live discussions in class where every student participates without the embarrassment of speaking out in front of a large classroom.
  • Facilitate teacher guided peer instruction, and reward students with marks for helping fellow students.
  • Allow students to continue discussions outside of class and monitor it from your teacher console.
  • Share drawings and diagrams with students to help problem solve.

Use any device

Students can use whatever device they happen to have to participate in class, such as their cell phone, smart phone, laptop, iPod, or toaster! (ok, the last one is made up)

Instructor's Guide

Instructor's Slides

Create a teacher account

  1. Go to http://
  2. Click the blue “register” link in the top right corner of the site
  3. Under “Teacher” click “continue” 
  4. Select “individual free account.”
  5. Enter your desired username and password, as well as the rest of the account information.

Student's Guide (PDF)

Create a student account

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. If you plan to purchase a subscription through Top Hat Monocle directly, click the Sign-up button under Purchase subscription. If you purchased a subscription through a third party such as the school bookstore, clock the button under Prepaid subscription.

  • monocleCAT Single Semester Subscription ($20.00 before bookstore commission) ISBN number: 978‐0­‐9866151-‐0-‐8
  • monocleCAT 5 Year Subscription ($38.00 before bookstore commission) ISBN number: 978‐0‐9866151‐1‐5

You can create an unlimited number of courses on Top Hat Monocle and easily move content such as questions and demos from one course to another. It is impossible, however, to move data (e.g. users or submitted answers) between courses. In case you need to move any data from one course to another (for example, if some students switched from one session of your course to another during the semester), you can ask Top Hat Monocle to perform this task for you. Contact them using the Support link and someone will respond to you within an hour.

Creating a new course

  1. The very first time you log into the system you will be asked to create a new course. To add a new course at any given time, select “Add Course” from the top-left drop-down menu.
  2. After creating your course you will be presented with the course console.

Create a Class 

  1. The very first time you log into the system you will be asked to create a new course. To add a new course at any given time, select “Add Course” from the top-left drop-down menu. 


The settings tab lets you control things such as the course password, course name, course description, and anonymous access to the course. 

  1. Name and description
    • The name and description students will see when browsing through courses at your institution.
  2. Password
    • If this field is left blank, course content will be open to everyone. If you set a course password, students will require that password in order to access content. You may choose to password-protect either full viewing of the course, or only participation.
  3. Shown in course list
    • If you select this checkbox, your course name will be displayed in the course drop-down menu in the students’ console and students subscribed to THM at your institution will be able to select and enter your course to “observe” or “enroll and participate.”
  4. Allow SMS voting
    • Selecting this checkbox will allow students to submit question answers and feedback via text messages.
  5. Anonymous access
    • This setting controls the level of anonymous access for the course. You may select from “Viewing and participation,” meaning anonymous users will be able to actively participate in content (i.e. answer questions), “Viewing only,” meaning anonymous users will be able to view but not participate in content, or “No anonymous access,” meaning that accessing the course will be restricted only to students registered in your class.

Once you’ve prepared your course, you can have students enroll in it. In order to allow this you must first make your course available by clicking on the “Course available” button in the course panel.

courseOnce your course is available, students will be able to enroll in it or simply observe it. In order for students to enroll in the course you must either send them the public URL for the course (which is shown in the “Public URL” panel on the right) or they can manually select your course from their “Courses” drop-down list.

However, in order for your course to show up in the “Courses” drop-down list, your instructor account needs to be verified. In order to have your account verified, contact Top Hat Monocle through either the support button on the bottom left, or through the contact form on the Top Hat Monocle website.

This restriction is in place because Top Hat Monocle has open registration for instructors, and thus we want to ensure that only legitimate courses are made available for enrollment. After your account is verified, click on the “settings” button in the “Course” panel and select the checkbox “Shown in course list”