Tablet PC: Tutorials

pdf Introductory Skills for Tablet Computing

Projector Setup

It just takes a little patience and practice, but using the tablet displayed to the projector for your class is a very effective method for interacting live with your presentations and computer applications.

Wireless Internet Setup

Search for local area wireless connections and connect with ease.

Fingerprint Recognition Tutorial

The OmniPass software application allows you to log onto your Tablet PC with a scan of your fingerprint. The fingerprint scan can be used to log on to any password protected page.

Voice Recognition Tool

The speech recognition tool allows you to enter text into any program or text box by using only your voice. Dictate an email, research notes, project ideas and watch the words appear on the screen.

Presentation Mode Add Slide

Keyboard shortcuts and functions are not available while presenting in Power Point. Annotating slides with a Tablet PC might require a new surface to expound visually on while making particular points during your presentation. Here's how to make that happen. Have no fear, Visual Basic is here. Yes, I am talking computer programming code here, but it's just cut and paste. You can do this. And if you can't, call the Institute.

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