About the Program

Intramural Sports offers the students faculty and staff at TTU the opportunity to participate and compete against each other in a sports atmosphere. This atmosphere offers competition in team sports as well as individual and dual competition. Intramurals annually boast more participation than any club, organization, or department on campus. All students with 6 or more hours are allowed to participate.

Intramural Policies and Procedures

I. Entry Procedures

Team captains are responsible for the formation and entering of their teams. The following guidelines should be used:

  1. Look for flyers around campus or visit the Intramural Sports website to obtain information concerning intramural activities.

  2. Pick up at the Intramural Office (or print form the website) an Intramural Entry Form and return to the Intramural Office before 5:00pm on the deadline date.

  3. Certain sports will require that the Team Captain or a team representative attend a Mandatory Team Representative Meeting. All teams must be represented at this meeting. The representative must be listed on the roster in order to represent the team at the meeting. The team representative must stay for the entire length of the meeting. If a team is not represented or the representative leaves early, the captain must meet with the Intramural Director prior to that team being eligible for competition. The team will may be assessed a $25 fine for failing to attend or leaving the meeting early which must be paid in full prior to participation.

  4. For sports that do not require a captains meeting, team captains or participants will be contacted when their schedules are ready for their sport."

  5. INCOMPLETE FORMS will not be accepted and will cause a team or individual to not be entered in said sport. LATE FORMS will not be accepted and will cause a team or individual to not be entered in said sport.

  6. Schedules for all activities will be made available on the website by Friday, at the earliest,  following the entry deadline and teams may pick up a hard copy in the Intramural Sports office. Schedules will not be mailed or given out over the telephone.
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