Email Class Lists or Majors

Information Technology Services has set up a convenient system for faculty to email a message to students in their classes or to students with a particular major in their department.  These lists are available two weeks prior to the first day of classes for a term.  At this time, this is the PREFERRED method of sending emails to a class.  This method uses the student's campus email address (, but if the student has forwarded his/her email, it will go to that address.

Departmental secretaries may also use this method if faculty request that they send an email message to a particular class or if they need to send a message to students in a particular major.

How do I use the Class Email Distribution Lists?

NOTE: You may also email your class from Banner Self Service, see the Records Office web site.  However, if any students who have not indicated their preferred email address will not receive it, even though they have a TTU email address. Also, the Banner Self Service method uses commas to separate the email addresses.  In order to use this with Outlook, you will need to configure Outlook to recognize the comma as a valid email address separator:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Click E-Mail Options, and then click Advanced E-Mail Options.
  3. Under When sending a message, click to select the Allow comma as address separator check box.
  4. You can still use a semi-colon (;) to separate e-mail addresses when you click to select the Allow comma as address separator check box.

How do I use the Majors Email Distribution Lists?

Who can use these lists?

How current are these class email distribution lists?

How long are these lists available?

Can I send a message from off-campus?

If a student has his/her email forwarded to another address will they still receive my message?

I get bounces or have other problems.  What is wrong?

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