Campus IT Strategic Plan

Visit the Strategic Plan webpage for updates on the process. Don't forget to complete the questionnaire by April 25, 2014, so that your voice is heard!


Quick Information
Resetting Passwords:
Clement Hall 226 at the
window, 931-372-3388
(Hours: M-F: 8am-11pm)

Student Helpdesk:
(choose appropriate lab for hours)
Library Learning Commons
Clement Hall 313
Johnson Hall 214

Clement Hall 216, 931-372-6566

Employee Computers/Software:
Contact Microsupport OR your college contact.

Report network related issues:
Call 931-372-3388

Instructional Technology:
Technology Institute
Clement Hall 215, 931-372-3675

New Endpoint Antivirus Protection Coming Soon

We will be upgrading virus protection on campus desktops over the next few weeks.  For more information about how this may affect you, please visit this webpage discussing the upgrade.


New Self-Service Password Portal Available

 To help users with password issues, ITS is now providing a self-service password portal.  This new portal allows users to easily change their password, or even reset a password if it’s been forgotten -- provided you have registered on the portal.

As a bonus, the portal will send reminders (from when your password is about to expire, so that you can proactively set a new password and never lose even momentary access to your email.  You will receive notices at 2 weeks, 1 week, 48 hours, and 24 hours, so that you have ample opportunity to change your password.

To use this great new feature, log into the portal at with your TTU domain (email) credentials. Then, select your preferred security questions (used to verify your identify if you forget a password), and an alternate email address (not your TTU email address, but a backup secondary email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo).


New Trojan Threat Cyptolocker

 A new trojan threat has been spreading through the Internet through various means: malicious emails, infected webpages, and infected file downloads. The damage can be quite extensive, as this trojan, called Cryptolocker, encrypts all your data files – both on your hard drive and on any accessible drive – so that you can no longer access your data unless you pay a “ransom” of $100-300 to an unknown entity.  Read more about preventing this threat here.


What can you do to avoid scams and protect your password?

You know the story: you are logged into your email, and you see a message that looks urgent. The subject line is something about upgrading email or "saving" your email from an over-quota denial. A panic ensues and you open the email to find out the details. In the email, you are told that you must send in the information to make sure your account doesn't get deleted. They need your First Name, Username/ID, and password.

Your first clue that this is not a legitimate request is that Tennessee Tech will not ask for this information. Another clue might be when you look at the email address from which it has been sent. It is supposed to be from the Tennessee Tech Email Administrator but the address is That is definitely not a TTU address.

Find out how you can protect your passwords from phishing and other email scams, and learn more about detecting phishing attempts.


Student services and help provided by ITS

Get information about how to get a free copy of MS Office or upgrade your Windows OS, find more about ResNet and what you need to connect from your dorm, how to purchase computers at a discounted price, and more!

Find out more about the student services provided by ITS.


New Network Access Procedures in Place

Thanks to the new Bradford Network Access Control system, TTU's network is going to be much more secure. For more information about this new product and how to use it, please see the Bradford Agent overview.

MS Campus Agreement Student Option

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the availability of the MS Campus Agreement Student Option. This program provides one free copy of the current version of Microsoft Office for Windows or Macintosh to each currently enrolled student. In addition, if you need an upgrade to Windows 7, this is also available as a free download. If you prefer media, there is a small change for that option.

Go to:

Remember this is limited to one copy per student.

Applications for Help Desk

Applications for HelpDesk positions in the Learning Commons (library) can be made at:

Preventing Identity Theft

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Someone has their identity stolen every 4 seconds in the United States, and there are over 10 million identity theft victims in the US each year. The average costs for recovering from an attack on your identity is $8,000, plus an average of 600 hours in paperwork and other activities to clear your name. The majority of victims don't discovery the theft until months after it occurs. Read more about identity theft.