What is Helpdesk?

Helpdesk Consultants are responsible for the supervision of a lab and provide support for hardware and software issues. Consultants also handle phone support for the campus and help out with general support of the other ITS staff.

Who works Helpdesk?

There is no "typical Helpdesk worker." There are graduate and undergraduate students from several majors, including Computer Science, Engineering, Business, English, Psychology, and Fine Art.  A technical major is NOT required to work Helpdesk.  Many of the student workers are assigned via the Work Study or Work Scholarship programs through Financial Aid.

What are the requirements to work Helpdesk?

The primary requirements for Helpdesk workers are good interpersonal skills and a broad base of knowledge on computing at TTU.  Helpdesk workers are not expected to know all of the answers; they must be able to find answers quickly and efficiently with a minimum of inconvenience to the user. Specifically, the following technical skills are important:

A 2.0 cumulative QPA is required. We prefer applicants to have been at TTU for at least two semesters and plan to be at TTU for at least two more semesters, but other applicants may be accepted based on our needs and the applicant's skills.

How do I apply for a Helpdesk position?

  1. Apply online at:
  2. You will be asked to complete an online quiz prior to hiring.
  3. If requested, an interview may be arranged.

Applications are always accepted, however, open positions may not always be available.

What happens if I'm hired?

New HelpDesk students receive an initial orientation to lab procedures and work closely with an experienced student worker during their initial shifts.

HelpDesk Consultants are paid above the minimum wage to reflect their knowledge and expertise. Consultants are granted early registration times, and other benefits while creating a solid work history for their resumes.

Who can I talk to for more information?

All questions and paperwork can be referred to:

Annette Littrell
Clement Hall 217