legacy email

On August 12, ITS notified faculty and staff of upcoming changes to our email services, beginning with a new look for accessing TTU email via the web.  This initial change was completed on September 3.  Certain changes on the server side may have caused issues with those who use Entourage for Mac OS X as their email client, as well as for some mobile devices. If you are having problems sending or receiving mail in Entourage or on your mobile device, please follow these steps:


Entourage for Mac OS X Clients

  1. Go to Entourage/Account Settings and double-click on your Exchange account
  2. Locate the entry for rim.tntech.edu, and change it to legacy.tntech.edu
  3. Save and exit


Mobile Devices

  1. In your email configuration, delete your current TTU email account settings
  2. Begin a new account addition for Exchange
  3. When prompted to enter a domain, enter ttu or tntech.edu
  4. For some devices, you may preface your username with the domain followed by a backslash, such as ttu\jquser or tntech.edu\jquser
  5. Enter other required information, and allow your device to complete the configuration automatically


We also have some more detailed instructions, if needed:





If you continue to have problems sending or receiving email, please contact your college or departmental representative for assistance.