TTU Wireless Access

The TTU wireless network is available in many locations across the campus. The wireless network is protected by the BlueSocket wireless gateway. This allows for control over who may use the wireless network, reserving the available band width for TTU students, faculty, and staff.

To connect directly to it: use

When accessing the wireless network, you will be directed to the Welcome to the TTU Wireless Network page and required to logon. Students should use their PC Lab username and password. Faculty and staff may use either their PC Lab username and password or their TTU Domain username and password (used, for example, by those receiving their email on the Exchange server-Rim).

New users (first time students or new faculty/staff), please note that you must first reset your PC Lab password to something of your own choosing. This can NOT be done over the wireless network. At first logon in a PC Lab, you will be asked to change your password, or if it is more convenient, you may change it online.

Remember that the wireless network is a convenience. If you have a computer wired to the network at your desk, your wired connection will provide you with more reliability than a wireless connection to the campus network. Confidential University business should not be conducted via the wireless network due to data security issues.

For additional information contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it