Wireless Access Points

TTU Wireless Access Points and Antenna Locations

To help you locate current wireless access points, see the table below.


Antenna Locations
Bartoo Hall Rooms 102, 106, 108, 302, 312 Learning Resource Center
Baseball Clubhouse Clubhouse
Brown Hall Hallway outside Rooms: 209, 232 Rooms: 119, 207, 241
Bruner Hall 1st Floor Hall:
East End
Sail Lab Rooms: 116, 206, 207, 324
Bryan Fine Arts Front Foyer Room 223
Clement Hall 2nd Floor:
West Hallway
Rooms: 119, 212, 221, 321
Derryberry Hall Attic:
Above Auditorium Balcony
Above Auditorium Stage
Rooms: 200A, 208
Foster Hall 2nd Floor:
Back of Auditorium 3rd Floor:
Southeast Hall
Southwest Hall
Henderson Hall 1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor
Hooper Eblen Center Entire Concourse Upper Arena:
South Wall
Platform Above Arena:
South End
Hyder-Burks Pavillion Arena: North Wall Room 112
Jere Whitson Building Attic:
North End
South End
North Hall
Room 011
Johnson Hall 2nd Floor:
West Hall - North
3rd Floor:
West Hall - North
West Hall - South
Rooms: 102, 103, 209, 304, 308,
326 (2), 360 (2)
Library Coffee Shop 2nd Floor:
East End of East Wing
West End of East Wing
2nd Floor:
East End of West Wing
West End of West Wing
Matthews-Daniel Hall Rooms: 158, 204, 208, 341
Prescott Auditorium 2nd Floor:
East Hall - North
3rd Floor: Rm 304
Center of West Hall
West Hall - North
South Hall Hallways outside of Rooms: 104, 110, 118, 128
University Center Bookstore Swoops Multipurpose Room Outside Art Gallery
University Center 2nd Floor: Foyer Rooms: 112, 282, 310, 370
East Stadium Outside of Stadium
West Stadium Outside of Stadium Press box


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