Acceptable Use Policy for ResNet


As a student in the Residence Hall Network (ResNet), you will be connected to the campus network and the Internet. This connection is a privilege, not a right. The University expects ethical and responsible behavior in the use of this network. You are expected to be a good Internet citizen. Don't participate in any illegal or inappropriate activity or anything that will negatively impact the other users of the network.

Policy Statement

Your use of all campus information technology resources, including this network, is subject to TTU’s Code of Computing Practice, as well as to all other applicable University policies and state and federal laws. In addition, the following standards are in effect. This list is meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive.


At its discretion, the University may use its capability to examine network resources for violations of this policy. Sanctions for violation of this policy may result in disconnection from the campus network, other disciplinary action, or referral to external authorities.

Recommended by Information Technology Committee on February 28, 2008.

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