The TTU Academic Development Program Faculty recognizes the necessity of regular classroom/workshop/lab engagement [attendance] as a basic cornerstone of the learning process. Attendance is required and expected by each instructor.

A student is expected to attend each meeting of every class/workshop/lab for which he/she has a requirement. Tardiness (absence for any portion of a period) or lack of preparation may be recorded as an absence. Each instructor is responsible for explaining, in writing at the beginning of each course, the practice in treatment of absence/tardiness.

Regular attendance is a definite part of the total performance required for the satisfactory completion of any course, and an unsatisfactory attendance record may adversely affect the final grade. After five (5) absences, the instructor has the prerogative to assign the student a grade of "F" for the semester.

University attendance policy [TTU Undergraduate Catalog] does not recognize excused absences or excused tardiness. Likewise, TBR policy does not recognize excused absences or excused tardiness. Academic Development Program policy requires two (2) hours of ADP-directed work in the ADP Learning Center for each class hour missed for each absence the student wishes to have waived.

It is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY, not the instructor's, to ask about work missed due to absence or tardiness. Coursework not turned in on time due to absence or tardiness may be refused by the instructor. If late work is accepted, it will usually receive a 10% grade reduction per class meeting late, unless arrangements have been made with the instructor ahead of time.

Individual instructors may use a variation of this attendance policy.

Remember: Non-attendance, poor attendance, or withdrawal may seriously affect lottery scholarship/financial aid. See: Financial Aid for more information.

See University Policy on Inclement Weather

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