COMPASS Study Links

  • Here is a list of websites to help you study for the COMPASS™ test, which is given in Matthews Hall on the TTU campus. TTU does not use the Internet version of COMPASS™.
  • Remember that the test starts at 9:00a.m., so you should arrive at Clement Hall room 313 Cabout 15 minutes early to allow time to sign in and pay your fees.
  • You will need to bring a photo ID (like your driver's license) and the $10.00 fee for the test.
  • You will not need to bring supplies: the testing center has paper, pencils, pens, and a small calculator for you to use.

The test is made up of three different parts: Reading, Writing, and Math.

  • The Reading test is reading comprehension. You will read an essay and answer questions about it.
  • The Math test covers Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra.
  • The Writing test is broken up into two parts: a 25 minute timed essay and an editing section. The essay is the only part of the test that is timed and the only part that is handwritten. The rest of the test is computer based.

If you have questions, please call Lydia at 931-372-3476 or send her an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it **LINK THIS**.

Driving directions to TTU and map of TTU campus:

Test Anxiety Websites:


Compass™ Preparation Websites:

Compass™ Websites:

General Websites about preparing for standardized tests:

MATH Websites:

  • Praxis™ Math PowerPoint -
  • Valle Verde Campus Math Center Handouts -
  • Math PPST™ Preparation -
  • Montgomery College Math Depart. Placement Practice Tests -
  • Sparknotes™ Math Study Guides -
  • H&H Pub. Co. Preparation for the PPST™ Instructional Modules. -
  • Elizabeth City State University Praxis Attack Praxis™ Tests and Tips. -
  • Glendale Community College Math Depart. Placement tests (Practice Tests w/answers). -

READING Websites:

  • Reading for the Main Idea -
  • Reading Skills Tutorial -
  • Inference -
  • Vocabulary Development -
  • Comprehension -
  • Online Resources for improving Reading Skills, 4/e and Developing Critical Reading Skills, 5/e -
  • How to Improve Reading Comprehension -
  • Suggestions for Assessing Comprehension -

WRITING Websites:

  • Tennessee Technological University -
  • Writing: Transition Words -
  • Writing: Grammar -
  • Reading/Writing Skills -
  • Guide to Basic Essay Writing -
  • Valle Verde Campus Writing Center Handouts -
  • Hypertext Guide to English Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage Rules -
  • Writing: Paragraphs -


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