Student Conduct

Student Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions

University policy states that "institutional disciplinary measure shall be imposed for conduct which adversely affects the institution's pursuit of its educational objectives, which violates or shows disregard for the rights of other members of the academic community, or which endangers property or persons on institution or institution-controlled property." see TTU Student Handbook policy on Student Conduct and Disciplinary Sanctions

General Operating Rules for the Classroom

No student is entitled to disrupt the activities that are part of the educational process. A student whose behavior is considered disruptive to the learning environment may be expelled from the classroom.

Remember to show everyone the same amount of respect and consideration that you would wish for yourself. ['Everyone' includes other members of the class, the instructor(s), guests, substitute lecturers, generally anyone with whom you come in contact.] "High School" behavior should be reserved for high school, and has no place in the university academic environment.