The Learning Support Program [formerly known as the Academic Development Program] has changed. Not only has our name changed, but our classes have as well. As a result of a Tennessee State Law that takes effect 1 July 2012 [Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-7-147 (2012)], 4-year schools in Tennessee are no longer allowed to offer “developmental” classes. Those classes are now offered only at the community colleges. The law applies to all Tennessee Board of Regents schools and to all the University of Tennessee system as well.

Unfortunately, that does not make your developmental requirements go away. There are, however, some alternatives to help you so that you don’t have to go elsewhere.

If you have been placed in developmental classes based upon your ACT scores, you may take the COMPASS Placement Exam to attempt to place into college-level classes. If you have already taken the COMPASS Exam and still have developmental requirements, there is a way for you to remain at TTU and get the assistance you need. If your requirement is for

1.Developmental Math [DSPM0800 and/or DSPM0850]: If your major requires an algebra-based math course, register for MATH1000 Transitional Algebra. This course will provide the algebra background you need for college-level algebra-based math while giving you the learning support that you need to be successful. If your major requires only MATH1010 or MATH1530, register for one of the designated "L" sections of that class and learning support will be provided as part of the course. Learning Support will also be provided for education majors taking MATH1410

2.Developmental Reading [DSPR0800]: Register for READ1000 College Reading Improvement [lecture and lab]. This course is open to anyone who needs [or would like] to improve reading skills in preparation for the rigors of reading and understanding college-level textbooks. If your ACT-Reading sub score is below 17, you should also register for READ1100 Writing and Reading Learning Support.

3.Developmental Writing [DSPW0800]: Register for ENGL1010 AND READ1100 Writing and Reading Learning Support. 

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The Learning Support Program main office is located in Matthews Hall, room 153.