Learning Support Learning Center

All tutoring services conducted in the Learning Support Learning Center are free of charge.



The Learning Support Learning Center is located on the 1st floor of Matthews Hall, room 162B and is easily accessible by anyone requiring its services. Matthews Hall is # 35 on the TTU Campus Map.

Math Lab

Matthews Hall 162B

Reading/Writing/Learning Strategies Lab

Matthews Hall 162B

Computer Lab

Currently Not Available

Learning Center Office

Matthews Hall 153C


Ms. Lydia Kendall

Phone: 931-372-3476
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Office: Matthews Hall 153

Learning Center Office: Matthews Hall 153C

P.O. Box 5171
Fax 931-372-6275


1.       Tutoring for DSP courses in:

·         Learning Strategies

·         Mathematics

·         Reading

·         Writing

2.       Tutoring for PRAXIS/PPST for education majors: [PRAXIS/PPST: required for admission to upper-division education courses]
(Preparation before attempting the test; preparation before attempting a re-test)

·         Mathematics

·         Reading

·         Writing

3.       Tutoring for other courses available upon request: Check with Ms. Kendall or Ms. Rich for help with scheduling tutoring for Biology, Chemistry, Algebra-based Physics, Foreign Languages, History, English, whatever may be causing you difficulties.

Lab tutors are available on a walk-in basis. Schedules for walk-in visits are posted outside the door to the lab.

Individual tutoring schedules may be contracted on a weekly, monthly, or semester basis. For your personal schedule, check with Ms. Kendall or Ms. Rich.

All tutoring services conducted in the Learning Support Learning Center are free of charge.

The Learning Support Learning Center, a supportive unit of the Learning Support Program, has been in existence since Fall 1985.

Although the Learning Center was created to facilitate learning for students in learning support course work, the center seeks to provide a supportive atmosphere conducive to creative learning and productivity for any student who needs assistance. Students receive individualized assistance in mathematics, reading, writing, study skills and word processing. Besides providing individualized tutoring, the center also offers books, computers, video and audio tapes, and other instructional materials for student use.

Goals of the Learning Support Learning Center:

1. to provide individualized assistance for students taking courses in
     a.  mathematics
     b. writing
     c. reading
2. to assist students with study skills and word processing skills
3. to help students catch up with what they missed or could not understand from their classes
4. to make available relevant instructional materials for students and faculty
5. to provide a comfortable atmosphere for students to receive help
6. to administer non-standardized tests to students
7. to help develop students’ competence in their courses
8. to help students reduce their anxiety for academic achievement

Tutors for the Learning Center are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) and operate under a Code of Ethics for Tutoring. The Learning Center is evaluated by the Learning Support student body on a semester basis using a 10-question survey covering such areas as:

a. receiving needed assistance
b. clarity of explanations
c. availability of tutors
d. likelihood of return visits

Source: Academic Development Learning Center: An Overview of the Tutor Program. Submitted to College Reading and Learning Association. Tennessee Tech. University, 1997.


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