Outcomes and Assessment-M.S. Program

Program Outcome Goals

  1. The graduate degree program will average at least five graduates per year

    Assessment:  In August of each year the number of graduates in the preceding July 1 - June 30 time period will be determined

  2. Mathematics graduate students will participate in extracurricular activities related to mathematics.  These activities will include participation in the Graduate Seminar and Teaching Seminar, presenting research, and the opportunity to attend lectures by guest speakers (at least two per year).

    Assessment:  At the end of each academic year, a count is made of the number of seminars and research presentations given by students. A count is also made of the number of guest lectures during the academic year.

Learning Outcome Goals

  1. All M.S. in Mathematics candidates will demonstrate a command of principles of general mathematics and their particular area of interest

    Assessment:  Comprehensive exams, oral exams, and thesis defenses are used to assess this goal
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