Pre-MBA Foundation Modules

Effective Fall 2014: Students will no longer be required to complete undergraduate business coursework prior to beginning the MBA core courses*. For those students who do not have a business education background, the Pre-MBA modules are still available for optional purchase. Our office is still available to review your transcripts and make suggestions on which modules would be most beneficial.
*Note: The Accounting concentration electives still require Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Tax, Cost and Audit.

The Pre-MBA foundation modules were created to help non-business undergraduates prepare for admittance to the MBA program. TTU’s MBA program offers seven self-paced, non-credit Pre-MBA foundation modules for students who do not have an undergraduate business degree from an accredited institution. Modules are available over the following topics:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Statistics/Quantitative Methods
  • Business Law

To complete each module, you must pass a competency-based validation exam. Students have three years from the date of purchase to complete the module. CEUs are available for the modules.

"Having an engineering background with little exposure to accounting, management or finance, I found the pre-requisite modules to be vital in getting me up to speed with my business-major peers. I was able to complete the modules while working full-time because they were self-paced and didn’t require traveling to and from a campus.” - Aaron Anderson, Network Development Manager, BBS, BellSouth.

Pre-MBA foundation modules each have a price of $375. To purchase the Pre-MBA foundation modules, click here.

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