Student Life

The MBA Student Association (MBASA)

The MBA Student Association is a student led body whose purpose is to provide educational, social, and career advancement outlets for MBA students. Its secondary function is to act as a social body formed by MBA students of all levels and business faculty. The MBA Roundtable lectures are given by local entrepreneurs, business people and faculty.

Study Abroad

MBA students have the opportunity to participate in MBA Programs in Belgium, Netherlands, or France with students from around the world. They are taking business courses and learning about European culture.

The study abroad experience forever changes views about other cultures and increases interest in working in a business environment that is more diverse or global. The challenge of living abroad increases self confidence.

Of his experience, Austin Hundley said, “It's refreshing. It renews you. It breaks your routines and habits and forces you to change how you act, work, see things, and live.” Justin Banks adds, “The more cultures you're exposed to, the greater empathy and awareness you have to other people and their needs."

TTU is a part of The Network of International Business Schools (NIBS), a group of business schools from around the world that have recognized that contemporary business education is incomplete without a strong international component. NIBS consists of more than 55 business schools from 18 countries. Members of NIBS allow credit transfers, place a high value on collaboration, and encourage participation in faculty and student exchanges, and joint teaching and research programs.

TVA and Heidtke Investment Challenge Courses

In 1998, the Tennessee Valley Authority distributed $100,000 each to 19 colleges and universities in its service area to invest on behalf of TVA. In 2003 the portfolio was increased to $500,000. TVA created the program from a trust fund that will be needed in 20 years to start closing nuclear power plants. TVA estimates the fund, now at $850 million, will need a 9 percent annual growth rate to reach the needed $2 billion by 2017, when TVA's first nuclear power plant is schedule to end its useful life. During the first three years, Tech students had a total return of 46 percent on investments, resulting in the second best three-year total return of the 19 institutions. During the same three year period, the S&P 500 index returned a negative three percent.

In 2003 Buzz Heidtke, president of Nashville's Heidtke & Co., made a $100,000 donation to the College of Business to be placed in a fund made up of small and microcap value stocks to be managed by a team of 10 – 15 undergraduate and graduate students. Heidtke donated the money because he takes an interest in helping young people learn to be effective money managers. The Heidtke portfolio differs from the TVA portfolio in that it is made up of microcap value stocks, which are companies valued at less than $200 million.

The Investment Challenge class is open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in portfolio management. Each student is put in charge of a sector of stocks, allowing each to become an expert in 30-40 different stocks. Students research big-name companies and little-known companies. The class is also an exercise in collaboration where final investment decisions are made by consensus. If a clear consensus on an investment selection isn't reached on a vote, students shore up their choices with more research or make a new selection.

Distinguished Lecturers Series

The Distinguished Lecture Series Program provides students and faculty with an opportunity to interact with prominent executives for an open exchange of views on current issues. Through this vital program, executives are brought into the classroom to offer students first-hand information about the complexities of the business world, while inspiring them to seek new ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Alumni Networking

The purpose of Alumni Relations is to act as liaison between Tennessee Tech alumni and the University. They plan and host events for alumni across the country and on campus, help alumni find classmates, offer various products and services that benefit TTU alumni, and serve as a starting point for alumni who have questions or requests related to TTU. This office creates networking opportunities for graduate students to meet and greet TTU alumni and create relationships to benefit them in the future of their careers. Visit Alumni Relations for more information.