High Boy ATV Jack

Project Outline

This proposed project is to design and build a jack for a modified/lifted all terrain vehicle (ATV). Modified ATVs have higher ground clearance than standard ATVs, so most jacks do not offer adequate lift. A jack that will meet the height, stability and functionality requirements is desired.

Defined Requirements

  • Deliver an overall lift height of 22 inches.
  • Operate with 12 inches of vertical arm travel
  • Have an 1100 pound lift capacity
  • Be portable by one person (will have wheels, collapsible handle, and fit through a standard door)
  • Powered by conventional shop air supplied by a compressor
  • Pressure gage for visual on system pressure during operation
  • Utilize pressure regulator in the air delivery system
  • All air lines securely mounted and shielded from moving parts
  • Airbags to be mounted so that they operate in usable limits set forth by manufacturer
All projects must consider safety and material issues.



Airbag Mouting Locations


ATV Parts for Assembly


Fully Assembled ATV Jack


Photos show steps in the building, testing and final stages of the project. Click on thumbnail photo for a larger view of the photo.

Student Team Members

  • Matthew Dickerson
  • Adam Goff
  • Justin Hethcote
  • Jay Hollowell
  • Justin Stacy
  • Robert Wiseman



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