Program Educational Study

Statement of Program Objectives

Drawing on statements from the ABET 2000 Criteria, the basic working definition of Program Educational Objectives is "statements that describe the expected accomplishments of graduates during the first few years after graduation." In order to track the extended career advancement and professional growth of our graduates, this definition has been expanded and mechanisms have been put in place to assess the achievement of program objectives at five and ten year stages beyond graduation, as well as within the one-to-two year time frame. Program Educational Objectives (Pob) for graduates of Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University are as follows:

Pob1: Within the first one to two years following graduation our students should be:

Pob2: Building upon these, five to seven years beyond graduation, we wish to see:
Pob3: Ten years and beyond, those graduates who have set and pursued long term goals will exhibit:

Pob4: At all stages in their careers, our graduates will be engaged in activities that demonstrate a commitment to and appetite for ongoing personal and professional growth and learning.

The relatively general way in which these objectives are stated is deliberate in order to cover the broadest range of specific career circumstances for our graduates, both short-term and long-term, whether they remain in engineering or move into other professions.