SACS Program Outcomes ABET Education Objectives

The SACS Student Outcomes (ABET Program Educational Objectives) selected for the BSME program were chosen so as to encompass the overall ABET Program Educational Objectives of "describing the career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing graduates to achieve", as follows:


  1. Within the first one to two years following graduation our students should be:
    • productively employed or in good academic standing in a program of postgraduate studies;
    • participating, at some level, both in organizations that serve their profession and that serve the public; and
    • are confident and optimistic about their future.
  2. Building upon these, five to seven years beyond graduation, we wish to see:
    • evidence of career advancement;
    • evidence of the assumption of positions and roles of greater responsibility to their employer/employees and the public; and
    • evidence that they are recognized as being professionally competent.
  3. Ten years and beyond, those graduates who have set and pursued long term goals will exhibit:
    • sustained productivity in their career field; and
    • visibility and recognition as leaders in their Profession and community.
  4. At all stages in their careers, our graduates will be engaged in activities that demonstrate a commitment to, and appetite for ongoing personal and professional growth and learning.


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