TTU Media Production Committee


To keep communication open among units capable of media production, so that when needs or good ideas emerge, they can be addressed without duplication or over-burdening a particular unit and to inform campus community of available media production resources.


  • Patricia McGee, Coordinator, Media Service, Volpe Library -- Chair
  • Gary Bradford, Media Center
  • Dean Carothers, Director, Photographic Services
  • Monica Greppin, Associate VP, Public Affairs
  • Barbara Jackson, Professor of Chemistry
  • Ed Lisic, Professor of Chemistry
  • Kevin Liska, Director, Business Media Center
  • Becky Magura, Manager, WCTE-TV
  • Carl Owens, C & I Professor and Director of the Learning Resources Center
  • Jack Armistead, Provost/VPAA, ex officio member
  • April Crockett, Website Development Manger, Volpe Library
  • Jim Lotz, Professor of Music & Art
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