Chorale Auditions

Auditions are usually done at the end of the Spring semester for the coming fall. On a few occasions auditions have been done at the end of the fall for slots that come available to the group. Please watch the Chorale home page for announcements about upcoming auditions.

Audition requirements:

  1. Come with something prepared to sing. It can be anything and does not have to be memorized. You will be singing without accompaniment.
  2. You will vocalize up and down by half steps to get a sense for your range (highest note to lowest note you can sing).
  3. You will sing back pitches played on the piano for pitch memory.
  4. You will sing one to two sight-reading examples. You do not have to use solfege, or numbers. It can be done on a neutral syllable like "la" or "da". Mostly stepwise motion with a few skips and leaps possible.

For more information about audition times and appointments please contact Dr. Craig Zamer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or 931-372-3650.

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