Xythos Additional Features

Login via a web browser

  • Open a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox required).
  • Go to http://files.tntech.edu
  • Login using your PC Lab username and password.
    Note that the password is case sensitive.
  • Click OK.


  • Use the breadcrumbs or the up arrow to navigate among your folders.


  • Clicking on the black arrow to the left of the folder name will display all folders on the same level.

Menu bar

  • Copy files or folders
  • Move files or folders
  • Delete files for folders
  • Rename files or folders
  • Manage files or folders to share with others.

Sharing Files and Permissions

Xythos enables you to share specific files with other users. You need to set permissions carefully when you share files.

  • Check the file or folder you wish to share.
  • Select Manage > Permissions from the menu bar OR
    right-click on a file to select Manage > Permissions.


  • To the far right, click Add User/Group


  • Search for the person by:
    • Starting to type in the Add Users box and selecting from the pop-up list of suggestions OR
    • by using the Find feature. Start by clicking on the down arrow and searching by name or email.
    • Set the permissions you need under either the Basic Permissions or Advanced Permissions tab.



  • Click the Apply button to view applied changes, OR
  • Click the Finish button to save the changes and exit the Permissions screen.
Permissions Issues
Be VERY careful in giving someone DELETE or ADMINISTER privileges!!

Use Tickets to Share Files and Folders

Tickets allow you to provide an online link to a file or folder to specific users whether they are on Xythos or not.

Create a Ticket:

  • Select the checkbox to the left of the filename
  • Select Manage and choose Tickets from the drop-down box


  • Select New Ticket


  • Complete the information necessary for the new ticket.  You can change the title, select the basic permissions, set a time limit (or choose unlimited) and select if you need the ticket to have a password.
  • Click OK


  • Edit the ticket by selecting the checkbox to the left and click the Edit button
  • You may send an email with the link by selecting the ticket and then clicking the Email button. The person receiving the email from you with the link can open the file or folder.

For more details, see the online Xythos help.


Setting Versions

If you are sharing a document or working on an important assignment or a thesis or dissertation, you may wish to keep several versions as you are working.

To set versioning:

  • Use the check box to select the file.
  • From the menu bar, select Manage > Versioning (or right-click the file to select Manage > Versioning).
  • Click Enable Versioning to the far right.


  • Click Finish
    TIP: If you set Versioning on a folder, then files uploaded to that folder will have versioning on.

Once versioning is enabled:

  • Open the file and edit it.
  • Upload it and check Overwrite file if it already exists.
  • Instead of overwriting, a new version is created.
  • Select the file and from the menu select Manage > Versioning to see the versions available.

File Checkout

If versioning is enabled, you may also want to use file Checkout (such as when you are working on a group project).

  • Checkout lets you edit a file and locks it so no one else may edit it at the same time. However, they may still view it.
  • UnCheckout File writes your changed file and unlocks it so others may edit it.

For additional help

See the Online Help provided with the web interface.

Faculty and Staff: Contact your College contact or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Students: Contact Help Desk at 372-3975 (Help Desk hours for Clement Hall 313)

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