Faculty/Staff Profile

Dr. Alice Kerlin Camuti, PhD, MBA, BA

Associate Dean

Highest Degree University: Tennessee Tech University
Department: Graduate Studies
Derryberry Hall (DBRY) 306
PO Box: 5012
(931) 372-6006

Providing strategic direction for the College of Graduate Studies is my primary mission. TTU has a tremendous graduate program with over 20 areas of study.  TTU challenges students through these programs and the results are career advancement for our graduates and the ability to make a difference in our world.  Our office takes pride in assisting students in making the transition from undergraduate to graduate student a smooth one and for being the support team to the graduate student as they progress through their program.  

More Information

Dr. Camuti graduated with a PhD in Exceptional Learning from Tennessee Tech,  an MBA in Management from Golden Gate University, and a BA in Marketing from California State University at San Bernardino. She previously held the position of Director of Career Services at Tennessee Tech.


Organization Behavior and Management
Business, Finance, Employment, the Economy » Management Science

Over ten years experience teaching organization behavior and management courses. Expertise designing management courses for companies including performance management, supervisory skills, and motivating employees.

Marketing Strategy
Business, Finance, Employment, the Economy » Marketing

Experience teaching marketing principles and marketing strategy courses. Over ten years experience in the field of corporate marketing and product management. With extensive expertise in new product roll-out and launch. Experience launching new high-tech products in over 48 states. Creative development, marketing plan development and implementation. Expert in social media marketing strategy including facebook, linkedin, and twitter.

Technology Expertise
Education and Schools » Instructional Technology

Adapt at using technology in classrooms/presentations including the ability to incorporate audience participation through on-line polling, and on-line games. Knowledgeable on multi-media and presentation software including PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi.

Motivation and Inspiration
Education and Schools » Professional Development

Expertise in motivating and inspiring managers and leaders through professional development. I

Text Messaging
Computers and Technology » Other

Conducted research in the field of text messaging and the effect that audience, social impression, and environment have on text message construction. Conducted research on text message construction practices of Arabic-language speakers.

Supervisory Training
Business, Finance, Employment, the Economy » Management Science

As a consultant, I provide training to employers on supervisory skills, performance management skills, and motivation.

Sales Training
Business, Finance, Employment, the Economy » Marketing

As a consultant, I have developed and implemented sales training programs for first-line sales representives. Created training program on 'upselling' techniques. Train sales supervisors on sales coaching and observation.

Career Coach Certification
Other » Other

I am certified as a Career and Life Coach by the World Coach Institute. I am certified as on-site professional trainer for SkillPath Training Corporation.

Program and Process Management
Education and Schools » Graduate Education

Expertise in managing a growing and vibrant graduate program.

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