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Alicia L. Laffoon, B.S., M.A., Ed.S


Highest Degree University: Tennessee Tech
(865) 354-3000
(865) 250-5686

Alicia Laffoon is the 2+2 instructor at the Harriman campus.  Mrs. Laffoon teaches the content block and literacy block for elementary methods. 

More Information

Fall 2013 is the beginning of Alicia Laffoon's 14th year in the education profession, and her second year as an instructor at Tennessee Tech University. The following courses make up the content block for her fall 2013 schedule: ELED 3152, ELED 4140, ELED 3140, SPED 3000 and FOED 3800. In spring 2014, she will be teaching the literacy block which include: READ 3311, ESLP 4100, ECSP 4100, and FOED 3810. Mrs. Laffoon is earning her Ph.D at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her research interest is visual literacy with primary sources. She is currently writing a chapter for future plublication titled, "Implementing Primary Source Visuals in Social Studies Instruction."

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