Faculty/Staff Profile

Andrew Thomas Moneymaker, B.S. in Business Administration with a major in Business Management; M.A. with a major in Instructional Leadership

Area Coordinator (Capital Quad/Crawford Hall)

Highest Degree University: Tennessee Technological University
Department: Residential Life
Ellington 217
PO Box: 5016
(931) 372-6312
(931) 267-7544

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Areas of Responsibility:

  • Oversees the daily operation of Capital Quad/Crawford Hall
    • Property Inventory
    • Facility follow-up
    • Provides recommendations to the Director on the facility improvements and R&R on long term plans for Capital Quad/Crawford Hall
    • Maintains the day-to-day operations of Capital Quad and Crawford Hall
    • Capital Quad/Crawford Hall key inventory
    • Supervises the Capital Quad Assistant Coordinators and Hall Directors
    • Provides support and direction for the RAs
    • Maintains the staff duty schedule for Capital Quad
    • Supervises student held desk (scholarship) workers
    • Staff programming and hall council
  • Equally shares duty with other Area Coordinator
    • Coordinates staff duty roster for the area
  • Conduct
    • Meets with residents about behavior issue
    • Refers issues to the Dean of Students as necessary
    • Maintains paperwork associated with conduct
  • Coordinates Programming Resource Center
    • Provides direction and training for Programming HD and Assistants
  • Advises RHA
  • Committee work with other Coordinator
    • Assistant Coordinator (AC) and HD/RA selection process
    • AC and RA training
    • Staff Development
    • Staff Recognition
    • Help desk selection and training
    • Staff policies, procedures and manual updates
    • Department newsletter
  • Great Move-in Day preparation
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director

Day-To-Day Supervision:

  • Capital Quad Assistant Coordinators, Hall Directors and Resident Assistants
  • Student Workers (help desk)

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