Faculty/Staff Profile

Christopher A Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Highest Degree University: University of Texas at Arlington
Department: Biology
Pennebaker (PENN) 317
PO Box: 5063
(931) 372-6258

During the fall semester, I usually teach General Ecology and General Zoology. During the spring semester, I teach Introduction to Biology II and alternate between Animal Behavior (in even-numbered years) and Entomology (in odd-numbered years). I also teach a graduate course in Population and Community Ecology as needed, and have done Introduction to Biological Methods on a rotating basis with other professors in the Biology Department.

More Information

Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington, 1998. Research interests: ecology, evolution, behavior and life histoies of terrestrial arthropods, primarily scorpions and spiders; behavior and ecology of terrestrial salamanders. Current research: life history and ecology of the southern unstriped scorpion in Tennessee; community ecology of streamside-dwelling wolf spiders in Arizona; effects of leg loss on running speed, mating behavior, and behavior in wolf spiders from Arizona; life history evolution of Sky Island scorpions from Arizona; effects of tail loss on behavior in plethodontid salamanders.

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