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Dale D. Ensor, Ph.D. Inorganic and Radiochemistry

Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

Highest Degree University: Florida State University
PO Box: 5055
(931) 372-3493


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            Dr. Dale D. Ensor is an Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and former Director of the Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program at Tennessee Technological University.  He received his Ph.D. from Florida State University in Inorganic and Radiochemistry under Dr. Greg R. Choppin in 1977.  He has been a visiting scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory and is author and co-author of 40 publications on lanthanide and actinide chemistry. Since joining the faculty at Tennessee Technological University in 1978, he has been the recipient of over $1,200,000 in contracts and grants from federal and private agencies. 


Current research areas include the separation and detection of actinides in environmental matrices, development of novel chromatographic materials for the removal of cesium from acidic waste, and investigation of solvent modifiers to enhance the simultaneous extraction of cesium and strontium. Recent projects include “Development of an Environmentally Friendly Extractive Scintillation Cocktail for Actinides,” funded by the PG Research Foundation; “Separation Studies of the f-elements,” funded by Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and participation in a NERI-C, “Advanced Aqueous Separation Systems for Actinide Partitioning,” with Washington State University.  He serves as a consultant for Ordela Inc. as the PERALS® workshop instructor and for methods development using extractive scintillation cocktails. 


Dr. Ensor teaches one of the few remaining laboratory classes in radiochemistry in the nation and has received two Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Grants from the National Science Foundation to purchase radiochemical counting equipment for class and research uses.  He is a guest lecturer at the Summer School in Nuclear Science at San Jose and has encouraged a number of under-graduate students to continue their education in the field of nuclear and radiochemistry. Dr. Ensor has directed the independent research of over 70 undergraduate students and 25 graduate students in chemistry since coming to Tennessee Technological University.  Teaching assignments have included Radiochemistry, Quantitative Analysis, Forensic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and General Chemistry.


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