Faculty/Staff Profile

Dustin Lee Rawls

Director of Orientation and Student Success

Department: Student Orientation
Roaden University Center (RUC) 339
PO Box: 5086
(931) 372-3245

If it involves freshmen or families, I am probably involved in some way.

More Information

1. What is your favorite thing about TTU? I love the fact that TTU is located in Cookeville, TN! It is a self-sustaining community that doesn't provide as many distractions for students as other institutions.

2. Favorite sports team? Why? Tennessee Titans! My family has owned Titans season tickets since they moved to Nashville!

3. Favorite activity/event at TTU? Well, SOAR, Week of Welcome, Family Weekend, Convocation, and picking TTU's common book of course!

4. What do you feel are the three main challenges facing college students today? Lack of college preparation in high school, balancing newfound freedom with responsibility, and successfully managing finances so not to incur unnecessary debt.

5. Discuss three advantages of attending Tennessee Tech. The student success focus the faculty and staff possess, class size (which promotes the familial atmosphere Tech is known for), and we have an amazing university Parent Association.


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