Faculty/Staff Profile

Daniel J Swartling

Associate Professor

Highest Degree University: University of North Dakota
Department: Chemistry
Foster Hall (FOST) 102
PO Box: 5055
(931) 372-3431

More Information

Educational Background:

  • BS., 1985, Winona State University
  • Ph.D., 1989, University of North Dakota
  • Research Assistant, 1989, Purdue University
  • Research Associate, 1990, Ben May Institute, University of Chicago
  • Dreyfus Fellowship, 1992, Southern Methodist University.

Areas of Specialty:

Fluorine Chemistry. Synthesis of modified nucleosides, nucleotides and their analogs for use as anti-tumor and antiviral agents. Synthesis of DNA, RNA and PNA oligomer/reporter group adducts for use as therapeutic agents and diagnostic probes. Synthesis of polyaromatic hydrocarbon/nucleoside and DNA adducts for use in the study of site-specific mutagenesis.

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