Faculty/Staff Profile

Henry W Mannle

Director, Criminal Justice Program

Department: Sociology & Political Science
Daniel (DANL) 323
PO Box: 5052
(931) 372-3816

More Information

Courses Teaching:

  • CJ/SOC 2660 Criminology (offered in Fall & Spring)
  • CJ/SOC 3610 CJ Administration (offered in Fall)
  • CJ/SOC 4010 Organized Crime (offered in Spring)
  • CJ 4010 Organized Crime (RODP)
  • CJ 3650 Juvenile Delinquency (RODP)
  • SOC 4051 Social Deviance (RODP)


Received his PhD. from the School of Criminology, Florida State University, after completing his dissertation in the area of control theory using data gathered from juvenile institutions in the state of Florida.


Dr. Mannle has contributed to texts published by McGraw-Hill, W.B. Sanders and Prentice Hall. He is the co-author of an introductory text published by Prentice Hall. Dr. Mannle has also reviewed several texts for various publishers. He has published in professional journals on topics in criminological theory, capital punishment, fourth amendment issues and organized crime.

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