Faculty/Staff Profile

John J Harwood


Department: Chemistry
Foster Hall (FOST) 222
PO Box: 5055
(931) 372-3473

Expertise in analytical/environmental chemistry; aquatic chemistry; analysis of molecular markers of pollution; ecological stressor analysis; sociology of environmental decision making.

More Information

Educational Background:


  • B.S., 1977, Illinois State University;
  • M.S., 1980, Purdue University;
  • Ph.D., 1984, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia.
  • Research Associate, Army Summer Faculty Research and Engineering Program, USA-CERL, 1993.
  • Research Associate, Institut Català de Recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA), Girona, Spain, 2012.

Areas of Specialization:

 Chemical education; analytical/environmental chemistry; chemistry of natural waters; analysis of source markers of pollution; ecological stressor analysis; chromatography; mass spectrometry; atomic spectroscopy; electrochemical analysis; social impacts of technology.





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